"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world."  ~ Bruno Barbey

Wedding Photography Information & Pricing

The details...
All Collections are customizable, and include one photographer, 60-day online proofing gallery, online print ordering, and high resolution files with copyright release.  We do not require a minimum quantity of photos to be purchased with any of our Collections.  A second photographer, additional hours, albums, canvas prints and discounted print packages can be added to customize a Wedding Collection specifically for you, so you get exactly what you want - no more, no less.  Please e-mail us with any questions or to check available dates.

Wedding Collection One - 
Collection One includes up to five hours of wedding day coverage at your wedding venue.  A digital download of adjusted, full-size images with copyright release is included with this Collection in addition to a $100 print credit.

Wedding Collection Two - 
Our most popular, Collection Two includes up to six hours of wedding day coverage at your wedding venue.  This collection also includes a complimentary and required Engagement Portrait session.  By spending time with you before the wedding day, we will gain an increased comfort with and knowledge of each other, which will greatly increase the quality of your wedding day images.  A digital download of adjusted, full-size images with copyright release is included with this Collection in addition to a $150 print credit.

Wedding Collection Three - 
Collection Three includes up to seven hours of wedding day coverage at your wedding venue.  In addition to the complimentary Engagement Session offered in Collection Two, Collection Three also includes a Bridal Portrait session.  A digital download of adjusted, full-size images with copyright release is included with this Collection in addition to a $200 print credit.

Second Photographer -
More and more, a second photographer is a popular amenity in the wedding industry, however, it is not always needed.  85% of the weddings I shoot are solo, so if you like the majority of the images on my website, it is likely I was there without an assistant.  That said, adding a second photographer offers the opportunity to capture a different perspective or angle of the most important moments of you day (ceremony, special reception activities, preparation & details).  Adding a second photographer does not mean you will receive twice as many photos, but rather a second or third angle for the most important moments of your wedding day.  Before deciding on a second photographer, I would want to have a detailed conversation about the logistics of your wedding day.

Engagement & Bridal Sessions -
Sessions include up to two hours of photography time at the location(s) of your choice, within 50 miles of Salisbury, NC.  Unlimited wardrobe changes (at least two outfits are recommended).  Web-resolution (800 pixel wide) download of all adjusted images.  No minimum prints to purchase.  Print resolution download of images and archival quality prints available for purchase.
$299 Sitting fee

About my photography...
The aim of my photography is to tell a story, or more specifically, your photographic love story.  I want you to feel the emotions anew when you look at your images.  I want you to be reminded of how much you love your spouse when you hold your photos or browse them on your phone.  It is my hope that your true self, the self that only you really know, shows through in the photos.  I want you to be comfortable during the session, so you can concentrate on each other and forget I’m there.  My clients are laid-back, fun-loving people who trust me to capture them in real moments as they occur.

On your wedding day there are two factors that drive everything I do - creating a stress-free environment and great lighting.  I take them both seriously and diligently work to protect them during your day.  With proper planning, everything will align and you can rest in my skills and enjoy the irreplaceable gathering of friends and family.  I am interested in capturing the small details of your day, the story that shows your love, and the images that capture who you really are.  

After years of photographing weddings, I am convinced the most important images of the day are the bride & groom portraits at sunset.  I can capture these images in as little as 15 minutes, giving you a small respite from the day, while not keeping you away from the party all night.  This refreshing time will allow you both to soak in the feelings of the day.  

Timeline & planning...
I find it best to start with the sunset time on your wedding day and build the timeline from there.  You can see what that looks like below in the example timeline.  I typically arrive and start coverage about 30 minutes before hair and makeup are completed.  After that is generally a first look, which takes around 15 minutes.  We can then do bridal party portraits and immediate family before the ceremony, which gets you to the reception earlier to enjoy time with your friends and family.  I like to finish pre-ceremony photographs about an hour before the ceremony, which gives us some cushion in the timeline for the inevitable delays.  It also allows the bride & groom to be out of sight as guests arrive.  After the ceremony we will complete family portraits as necessary and get your guests to cocktail hour.  I will grab you during the evening as sunset approaches for your portrait session.  I don’t usually recommend more than an hour of reception dance coverage, unless you have a special exit that you want documented (although there are alternatives there too we can discuss).  

Example 6-hour wedding day coverage...
3:00 Begin coverage; 3:30 First look; 4:00 Bridal party portraits; 6:00 Ceremony; 6:30 Cocktail hour; 7:30 Dinner; 7:45 Bride & Groom portraits; 8:00 Sunset; 8:15 Speeches/Reception; 9:00 End coverage